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Body Politics is a short doc about an educator, activist

and eccentric cat lady turned politician.


In a fatphobic image-conscious world, educator, activist and eccentric cat-lady-turned-politician Dr. Jill Andrew takes her fight for body justice, human rights, representation, access and equity to the legislature as the first queer Black person elected as a member of provincial parliament. Here's a glimpse into a 40 year story of becoming told through the eyes of her filmmaking partner...Don't blink!

Commissioned by Hot Docs, Citizen Minutes is a short doc collection aimed at celebrating and inspiring civic engagement. Be among the first to see the incredible stories of ordinary Canadians doing extraordinary things to make their communities better places. Citizen Minutes is the cornerstone of an exciting new national educational initiative that Hot Docs is launching this winter.

To  book a screening of Body Politics in your school, community group and organization 

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Director:Aisha Fairclough

Producer(s): Lisa Jackson and Lauren Grant

Writer(s):Aisha Fairclough

Editor(s):Pauline Decroix

Music:Virginia Kilbertus

Suad Bushnaq

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